Workshop and future University events on 'Handling Sensitive Data'


On the 19th October, the University's research data team (the Information Security Team, Research Services, the Bodleian Data Library, ORA-DATA, and the Research Support team within IT Services together with the University's REC) ran an afternoon workshop on Handling Sensitive Data and reviewed the tools there are available to manage (including transfer and sharing of information) and also archive data and other information. It is becoming increasingly more complex but essential to understand the processes and systems that are in place to manage data throughout its whole lifecycle. I have provided a link below which provides a summary and the presentations that were given which should also give you a link to the website, in case you are not familiar with this team at the University.

There are plans for more workshops and in particular a workshop on how to write a Data Management Plan.

If you would like practical advice on the following topics, you can request a meeting by sending an email to the team at this address

* how to abide by the University policy
* how to meet funder conditions
* how to maintain contractually mandated confidentiality
* how to anonymise your data
* how to encrypt your data
* how to preserve your data safely after project completion

The website and link to the presentations can be found by clicking this: